Wild Thymes farm

Four Years in the Making

Will and Aly started farming in their respective home states of Massachusetts and Wisconsin. In Durango, their love of farming brought them together in early 2017 where their joint farm dream began. Through work on inspiring farms in La Plata County, the couple grew their skills until they were blessed with an opportunity to lease land in Bayfield from Tierra Vida Farm in 2020.

Picture: Will and Aly stand in their chicken pasture under a double rainbow in 2018.

Will Aly Best.jpeg

Wild for farming

We have worked on organic, regenerative and biodynamic farms throughout our careers and are committed to chemical-free farming on our own land. We feed our chickens the very best certified organic (always non-GMO) chicken feed to supplement the food they find in our grassy fields. 

The chickens are part of a long-term plan to rejuvenate our topsoil while creating a healthy, diversified farm with veggies, chickens and happy pastures.

Will is an avid mountain man who enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing and backpacking. He is the engineer and handyman on the farm, the one who fixes all broken things. His building skills are no match for his green thumb though as he's a natural with plants. Will brings his creativity, boundless generosity and kind heart to life at Wild Thymes.

Aly is passionate about yoga, music, hiking and cooking. She is an inspector for the National Organic Program which gives her the opportunity to see amazing ingenuity happening on organic farms across the country. At Wild Thymes Aly is the marketing and project planning guru, doing it all while maintaining a contagious optimism.

Will and Aly under a double rainbow in their chicken pasture, 2018