Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the Chicken Share?

Our 2021 Chicken Share is currently full. Thank you to all who signed up with us. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Are all chickens sold whole?

Yes. All birds are sold whole, fully butchered in vacuum sealed bags either refrigerated or frozen.

Do you sell organ meats or other chicken products?

Yes! Livers are $5 per lb. Feet are $5 per large bag Necks and hearts are $3 per lb. These items will be available for purchase each week at Share pickup for members and the public.

How do pickup days work for share members?

There will be nine pickup days for all members between June and October at each of our pickup locations (see below). Exact dates will be emailed to memebers in June. Full share members purchase two chickens at each pickup while half share members purchase one chicken. Members get $10 off the per pound price of each bird they've reserved. Remaining payment will be collected at time of pickup via cash, check or credit card. Chickens weigh between 3-5 lb. and are sold for $6/lb. Example: At pickup, you choose a plump 4 lb. chicken. The total price is $24.00. After accounting for the $10.00 per bird down payment, you would pay $14.00 at pickup. -------------------------- PICKUP LOCATIONS: DURANGO - Wednesdays from 4-6 pm at the Smiley Building. BAYFIELD - Tuesday from 4-6pm on the farm. We will also have a stand set up at the CSA pickup for Homegrown Farm for their CSA members only.

Do you sell eggs, too?

We do not raise chickens for eggs but there are several other farms in the area who do offer eggs. Please reach out for recommendations.

I didn't sign up for your share. Can I still buy your chicken?

Yes! We will be selling individual chickens at several retail locations in Durango. Check our Store Locations tab on the website again in June for exact stores and availability.

What form are your chickens in when I receive them in my share?

They are whole, fully butchered and oven ready! They come frozen in vacuum sealed bags.

How are the birds raised?

We take great pride in raising the highest quality poultry with the most humane practices. Our happy chickens are raised on pasture in large coops that we move daily. We feed them corn-free, soy-free certified organic feed. In turn, their scratching feet and excrement improve our pasture quality creating healthier, more resilient forage!

Have you sold chickens before?

Yes. Some may have purchased our birds at the 2018 Durango Farmers Market. We raised certified organic chickens on All Seasons Farm (also here in Bayfield) in the 2018 season.