Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the Chicken Share?

Click here to sign up for the 2022 Chicken Share online. You can also email us at wildthymesfarm@gmail.com.

Do you do custom processing? Would you process my family's home flock?

Unfortunately we cannot process other farm's birds in our State Licensed facility. We do not do any custom processing at this time.

Do you sell organ meats or other chicken products?

Yes! Livers are $5 per lb. Feet are $5 per large bag Necks and hearts are $3 per lb. These items will be available for purchase each week at Share pickup and on farm. Contact us at wildthymesfarm@gmail.com to arrange.

Do you sell eggs, too?

We do not raise chickens for eggs but there are several other farms in the area who do offer eggs. Please reach out for recommendations.

I didn't sign up for the share. Can I still buy your chicken?

Yes! We will be selling individual chickens at retail locations in Durango. Check our Store Locations tab on the website again in June for availability in 2022.

How are the birds raised?

We take great pride in raising the highest quality poultry with the most humane practices. Our chickens are raised on pasture in large coops that we move daily. We feed them corn-free, soy-free certified organic feed. They are then processed in our State Licensed mobile slaughter unit before they are packaged and frozen for sale. In turn, their scratching feet and excrement improve our pasture quality creating healthier, more resilient forage!