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2022 Pick Up Schedule

All chickens will be picked up at Wild Thymes Farm in Bayfield.

Each member will attend 5 pickups through out the year.

For convenience there are two pickup dates per month, you need only attend one.

Half shares will purchase two chickens per month; full shares will purchase four chickens per month.

July 5th OR 19th

August 2nd OR 16th

September 6th OR 20th

October 4th OR 18th

November 1st OR 15th


Share Logistics

Half Shares reserved 10 chickens while Full Shares reserved 20 chickens. Reserve your birds here. You only need to attend one pickup date per month (only 5 total!). All birds are sold fully butchered, frozen whole. 

Chickens are priced at $7.00 per lb. (weighing between 3-5 lb.). Members have put a $10 per bird deposit. The remaining price (per pound) of each chicken will be paid at pickup via cash, check, Venmo or credit card. There will be a $1 service charge if paying via card (sorry for the inconvenience!).

Example: You choose a plump 4 lb. chicken at pickup. The total price is $28.00. After accounting for your $10 membership deposit, you will pay $18.00 at pickup.

See also: Frequently Asked Questions

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