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Wild Thymes Farm


Our 2023 Chicken Share is now full!

We offer high quality, pasture-raised chickens from July through November. Our birds are fed certified organic corn-free, soy-free feed to supplement what they find in our grass. We also raise mealworms for extra protein. The chickens are raised humanely in mobile chicken coops that we move every single day. This system eliminates the need for antibiotics and other health treatments. Chickens are part of our long-term soil management system aimed at creating thriving topsoil and nutritious food to support our community.

Chicken Share Details

  • Members pick up their chickens at Wild Thymes Farm in Bayfield or the Durango Farmers Market.

  • Each member attends 5 pickups throughout the year.

  • For convenience there are two options for pickup dates per month July - November; you need only attend one per month. See 2023 Schedule below.

  • Half shares purchase two chickens at each pickup; full shares purchase four chickens at each pickup.

  • Chickens are sold fully frozen, whole.

  • Feet, hearts, and livers are available separately.

  • Members register with a $10/bird down payment. This helps us to get started for the year and encourages members to pickup the birds they've reserved. This $10/bird credit is redeemed at pickup - chickens are priced at $7 per lb. (weighing 3.5-5.5 lb). The remaining price per pound will be paid at pickup via cash, check, or credit card. 

Example: As a half share member you choose two delicious 4 lb. chickens at pickup. The total price is $56.00. After accounting for your $10 per bird membership credit, you will pay $36.00 at pickup.

2023 Pick Up Schedule

Tuesdays 4-6pm
On-farm in Bayfield

July 11 or 25
Aug 8 or 22
Sep 5 or 19
Oct 3 or 17
Oct 31 or Nov 14



Saturdays 8am - 12pm
Durango Farmers Market

July 15 or 29
Aug 12 or 26
Sep 9 or 23
Oct 7 or 21
Nov 4 or 18 (Pick up on-farm!)


There are two location options and two date options per month. Members only need to pick up once per month.

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